S D Myres Saddlery Tom Threepersons Design Belt Side Holster #610

Model: VGL-SDM-TT610

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S D Myres Saddle Company


Tom Threepersons Design


Belt Side Holster #610


 This item we have to offer is an S. D. Myres Saddle Company #610 Belt Side Holster in 98% New Condition this holster shows no wear at all and this S. D. Myres Holster appears unused. In the 1920s Samuel Dale Myres collaborated with Fast Draw Champion, Border Patrol Agent and ex Military Officer Tom Threepersons in Designing what would become known as the Threepersons Holster Design Holster. 


 Tom Threepersons was a Story in himself and he was an accomplished Gun Aficionado as well as a Border Patrol Agent, Police Officer, Canadian Mounty and Military Officer who served under Black Jack Pershing in the apprehension on Pancho Villa.   General Black Jack Pershing, Tom Threepersons, Eventual General George Patton who also served under Pershing and Pancho Villa were all personal Friends of Samuel Dale Myres and all of these men had frequented the S. D. Myres Saddlery for Gun Leathers as well as Saddlery and Tack Equipment.


 The S. D.Myres Saddle Company of El Paso, Texas made this model #610 Tom Threepersons Design Holster from Premium Heavyweight Skirting Leather with an Unlined Holster Sheath. This model #610 holster has a reinforced welt which is double stitched at the trigger guard rest and features a closed holster sheath toe. This S. D. Myres Saddlery Company model #610 Belt Side Holster was made to carry a S&W (Smith & Wesson) "N" Frame Revolver or Similar Large Frame Revolver with a 3" Barrel Length for a Right Hand Shooter. This beautiful holster is properly marked with the S. D. Myres El Paso, Tex. maker mark cartouche and this beautiful holster could date from the later 1920s through the mid 1970s.

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